Jennifer Kushell, CEO and founder EYP Ventures has been on a mission to impact the lives and futures of young people globally for the over two decades.  As creator of Exploring Your Potential (EYP) the revolutionary career planning online platform, Kushell aims to dramatically change how we prepare the next generation for the world of work and successful, happy lives.

Author of the New York Times Bestseller Secrets of the Young & Successful, Kushell has been called the “Career Doctor” by Cosmopolitan and a “guru” by US News and World Report.  She is an advisor to leading global youth organizations, a frequent delegate of several State Department led entrepreneurship missions and serves as a Trustee of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund, spearheaded by Junior Chamber International and the UN Sustainable Development Goal Action Campaign.

A relentless advocate for ambitious young people everywhere, Kushell has traveled 2 million miles and visited 50 countries.  In 1993, at 19, her Young Entrepreneurs Network was one of the first online communities on CompuServ.  In her 20s, Kushell was instrumental in spearheading the young entrepreneur movement in America, garnering 300 million media impressions about the new trend.  In her 30s, (Your Success Now) was launched as the first professional social network for young people, engaging 25,000 from 160 countries. In her 40s, she and her team created the first 100 country contest – The Subway Global Challenge, engaging young people in 100 countries in a 5 week business simulation game.  Following that, she and David Stine, crafted The NextGen in Franchising Campaign, connecting the franchise industry (which contributes over $1 trillion to the US economy) to young people from 50 countries with big aspirations for growing their own chains to the biggest brand builders in the world. From all that, EYP was born out of a partnership with Bloomberg Education.

Exploring Your Potential is a next-generation online program that inspires young people to take control of their futures by crafting lives and careers personally customized and crafted to fit their greatest aspirations.